Corporate Finance & Private Equity

Corporate Advisory 3Our Corporate Finance team offer a range of tailored advisory services including:

  • Access to Finance through Direct Lending
  • Access to Enterprise Investment Scheme funding
  • Access to our High Net Worth Credit Brokerage



Tier One Capital is pleased to offer our corporate clients access to the fast growing market of peer-to-peer funding through private funding circles which provide bespoke funding to various private clients and non-personal entities.

Tier One Capital carries an excellent client base of affluent clients and non-personal entities who are looking to allocate capital to generate an excellent level of return for a commensurate level of risk.

Where we feel there is a good underlying project strategy, a solid management team and an appropriate level of security we work with our corporate clients to progress through due diligence and vet each project professionally.

Our advisers then work with each borrower to create a sensible and achieveable business plan for their project. This process both refines and challenges whatever assumptions are driving their expected return. From the investment side, our clients are able to position part of their portfolio to target a stable and consistent quarterly income in a way which does not seek to chase excessive risk.  

If the business plan and/or underlying strategy is approved by our Investment Committee we create a formal investment opportunity and invite investment toward a set monetary goal.

Enterprise investment scheme FUNDRAISING

Our talented and proactive Corporate Finance team are adept at raising funds for companies who qualify for the well known Enterprise Investment Scheme tax reliefs. As a High Net Worth Boutique we strongly benefit from being more responsive and agile than our larger competitors as we do not carry the restrictive burden of bureacracy. Our affuent and liquid High Net Worth client base however allows us to support projects to a meaningful level and deliver significant funding for projects able to clearly demonstrate an attractive balance of risk against reward.

We seek first to understand the granularity of each and every company seeking funding, conducting a systematic due diligence process on the industry and competition dynamics each applicant company operates within and faces. 

Our team then works with the underlying management team and company to structure as solid and robust a business plan and strategy as possible before the fundraising process is started. We then produce a professional project brochure that is sent exclusively to our High Net Worth client base to invite investment. 

Case Study: The Lakes Distillery

Lakes Distillery 2

The Lakes Distillery team were introduced to us by one of our strategic partners. We met with the team for an initial informal chat before progressing quickly through due diligence, with both sides recognising the close proximity of the approaching end of the tax year.

A professional project brochure was produced and agreed and sent out to clients and intermediaries for consideration. We then hosted a bespoke seminar at our Quayside office to afford the Lakes Distillery team an unique opportunity to present their business plan directly to prospective investors. 

The project successfully raised over £1.2m in 2014 and represented the largest independent EIS fundraise in the North East in the 2013/14 tax year. A further tranche of £1m was raised in 2015 and a final planned tranche of £1m in 2016. 

Contact us to discuss EIS fundraising on behalf of your company


Where a Private Funding Circle solution is not sought or appropriate, we are also able to assist in finding an effective and cost efficient credit solution in the high net worth marketplace. Accessing such credit, especially where there is a speculative element to the project, has become an infinitely more difficult task in today's environment than in bygone years.

Our in-house credit specialists and wider network of HNW credit brokers are able to use their experience, knowledge and skill on your behalf to source highly competitive terms, to structure as cost efficient a solution as can be found and, for the more complex credit cases, to construct a solid credit application and work with you to successfully achieve the financing you require. 

Our independent status allows us to source from the whole of the credit market and we are not tied to any one institution or indeed to any one particular panel. We are able to therefore select the most competitive solutions from whichever provider happens to be the most beneficial for your needs.

In addition to securing the credit your are seeking, we are also able to ensure the appropriate insurance protection is again sourced from all providers in the marketplace and selected simply for being the most suitable for your circumstances and desires. 

For more information or to discuss your credit needs please contact a Tier One Capital credit specialist at your convenience.

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