Our Values and Principles

Team Photo 2We're a performance driven wealth management company committed to providing a first class service whilst always adhering to our values and principles. We endeavour to deliver performance whilst displaying enthusiasm and industriousness across all of our activities and conducting ourselves at all times with poise, professionalism and purpose.  


 Tier One Capital is a people focussed company based on:

  • Integrity and Trust
  • Authenticity and Substance
  • Simplicity and Responsiveness
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Passion and Commitment


 We believe in:

  • Providing a proactive and responsive service
  • Providing truly independent client focused advice 
  • Easy access reporting with quick and efficient administration
  • Removing unnecessary layers of costs 
  • Performance based fees

 We do not believe in:

  • Allowing the number of clients our advisors are charged with looking after to become so large they suffer diseconomies of scale
  • Unnecessarily complicated reporting
  • Selecting investments from only in-house products or services
  • Charging for initial assessment
  • Hidden and unearned fees

Meet the Tier One Capital Team

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